Typhoon 'Offerings' SIGNED CD + MP3 Download

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Signed CD + MP3 Download

All orders come with an immediate download of Typhoon's Floodplains: Wake / Rorschach / Empiricist / Algernon, Rorschach and Darker in high quality 320kbps MP3 format. Downloads are delivered in .zip archived format. Digital downloads of the album in FULL will be delivered to your inbox on release day, January 12th 2018

First 800 copies are signed! Pick yours up while supplies last!!

1. Wake
2. Rorschach
3. Empiricist
4. Algernon
5. Unusual
6. Beachtowel
7. Remember
8. Mansion
9. Coverings
10. Chiaroscuro
11. Darker
12. Bergeron
13. Ariadne
14. Sleep